• How To Straighten Natural Hair

    How To Straighten Natural Hair
    Hello Natural Beauties! For years, society has made African American women feel that embracing their kinky textured hair was wrong. Many alluded to the notion that good hair had a more relaxed look and that in order to be pretty or fit the beauty standard, you needed to comply. For years, most African American women did just that, we committed to relaxers, heat damage and other chemicals all in an effort to be beautiful according to society’s standards. Over the years that has changed tremendously and African American women have because more conscious of what it...
  • Naturally You: With Tiffany James

    Naturally You: With Tiffany James
    HELLO NATURAL BEAUTIES!   It is always the goal of the Naturally Silk2 team to assure that you have the tools and the understanding you need when it comes to hair care. We try to share content that will not only educate you as you travel along your natural hair journey but we also strive to provide inspiration by way of other natural beauties. We do this because we know that there is much to be learned from one another. Today, I would like to introduce you to an amazing style influencer and natural beauty, Tiffany...
  • How To Transition Back To Being Naturally You

    How To Transition Back To Being Naturally You
    As I stated last week, not every woman is here for the big chop. Many women have formed an emotional attachment to their hair and it is hard to part ways with it. It doesn’t matter how damaged it is, some women would rather allow their hair to remain in that state before they rock a low cut. I live by the fact that I am not my hair but I haven’t always felt like that. For years, I thought that I needed my hair to be complete. Which is why I totally understand that every...
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