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To the naked ear, that is unfamiliar with the natural hair world, the term “wash and go” seems simple. I mean DUH, you wash and you go… right? Nope, there is so much more to the perfecting the wash and go! Many women spend endless hours and plenty of coins trying to find the perfect combination of technique and products that will give them poppin’ curls and decrease shrinkage.

Honestly, I have been natural for 4 years and I have yet to perfect the wash and go. I have tried many combinations but nothing has worked to my liking, yet. I think that my issue is, I like big hair and every wash and go that I have attempted leaves me with a TWA. Due to this, I have checked out of even attempting the wash and go because I know that the shrinkage is far too real.

While it is not my thing, I have been able to assist my daughter with several great wash and go’s. In the event that you are not clear on exactly what to do, below you will find a few steps that have proven to be helpful for us.

  1. Start with freshly shampooed and detangled hair, I like to us the Maxi- Soft Ultimate Detangling System because it is great at detangling. Rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle locking in moisture, shine and minimizing frizz.

  2. With your head upside down scrunch (scrunching distributes the product evenly without disturbing the curls) Penetrating  Leave-in Conditioner and Natural Perfection "Perfect Oil" into your hair while it is soaking wet.

  3. Using a silk scarf or wrap create a pineapple with all of your hair on top of your head. DO NOT TOUCH until hair is completely dry.

  4. When you are ready to leave home, take your hair down and shake your head. You can use your hands (only) to arrange your hair but remember the more you touch the more you frizz.


Hopefully this will be somewhat helpful to you. However, if you are still a little uninspired, check out a few of my favorite wash and go looks from Instagram.

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Now chime in ladies, share your wash and go techniques and let me know if these are helpful. 


  • by SILK2 on

    Yes! You can use these products with a curl. Try the EM activator for extra moisturization.

  • by Jeanne on

    I get a leisure curl. Can I use your product

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