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  • How To Care For Your Hair While Rocking A Protective Style.

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    Hello Natural Beauties!

    Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh and Shaina Harrison of Out Of The Corner

    I know that we all love our kinks and coils but every now and then we get tired of them. Not tired enough to go back to the creamy crack, just tired enough to try something different for a little while. If you are like me (many of you are), your hair is just as important as your outfit and shoes which means, it has to be on slay too. Because we crave diversity and desire to slay the scene, we are here for switching things up occasionally and rocking a protective style.

    Lately, my go to protective styles have been crochets but I know that a lot of my natural sisters live for a good sew-in or braided style. While protective styles are cute and very low maintenance, it is vital that you take the necessary steps to assure that your hair is safe. Don’t lose sight of the name… Protective Style. This means that you are working to protect your hair, from the weather and other things that have proven harmful to it. God forbid you leave your hair unprotected while rocking a protective style and end up damaging it.

    In the event that you are unsure how to protect your hair while rocking a proactive style, I have a few tips to share.

    • Be sure to wash and condition your hair prior to getting any protective style. In my opinion it is best to use the Maxi-Soft Ultimate Detangling Kit because not only does it clean your hair properly without stripping your natural oils, it detangles and moisturizes it too.
    • When braiding your hair, be sure to use, Moisture Lock (Peanut Butter). It provides the perfect consistency, hold, shine, and maintains the moisture your hair needs.
    • Make sure you also find a good leave in conditioner that you can use based on the type of protective style you have. This will come in handy during the time your hair is out of sight. My go to is SILK2 Penetrating Leave -in Conditioner.
    • Oils will be your best friend because as we all know; protective style tend to be a little itchy. To make sure that your scalp and hair get the proper moisture, invest in SILK2 Mint To Be Soothijng; it is loaded with exactly what your hair and scalp need to remain healthy.


    Now that I have shared a few of my own personal tips, I want to share a little inspiration. Check out some of today’s favorite protective styles via Instagram.


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    Now tell us natural beauties, what are your favorite protective styles.

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  • Perfecting The Wash And Go

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    Hey Natural Beauties!


    Instagram user yummiiecakes 

    To the naked ear, that is unfamiliar with the natural hair world, the term “wash and go” seems simple. I mean DUH, you wash and you go… right? Nope, there is so much more to the perfecting the wash and go! Many women spend endless hours and plenty of coins trying to find the perfect combination of technique and products that will give them poppin’ curls and decrease shrinkage.

    Honestly, I have been natural for 4 years and I have yet to perfect the wash and go. I have tried many combinations but nothing has worked to my liking, yet. I think that my issue is, I like big hair and every wash and go that I have attempted leaves me with a TWA. Due to this, I have checked out of even attempting the wash and go because I know that the shrinkage is far too real.

    While it is not my thing, I have been able to assist my daughter with several great wash and go’s. In the event that you are not clear on exactly what to do, below you will find a few steps that have proven to be helpful for us.

    1. Start with freshly shampooed and detangled hair, I like to us the Maxi- Soft Ultimate Detangling System because it is great at detangling. Rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle locking in moisture, shine and minimizing frizz.

    2. With your head upside down scrunch (scrunching distributes the product evenly without disturbing the curls) Penetrating  Leave-in Conditioner and Natural Perfection "Perfect Oil" into your hair while it is soaking wet.

    3. Using a silk scarf or wrap create a pineapple with all of your hair on top of your head. DO NOT TOUCH until hair is completely dry.

    4. When you are ready to leave home, take your hair down and shake your head. You can use your hands (only) to arrange your hair but remember the more you touch the more you frizz.


    Hopefully this will be somewhat helpful to you. However, if you are still a little uninspired, check out a few of my favorite wash and go looks from Instagram.

    A photo posted by Candice (@candicoatedcurls) on

    A photo posted by Abeer Mo (@curls_n_tings) on



    Now chime in ladies, share your wash and go techniques and let me know if these are helpful. 

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  • Celebrities Who Are #TeamNatural Despite Wearing Weaves

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    Hello Natural Beauties, HAPPY FRIDAY!

    It is no secret that relaxed hair and extensions are thought to be more glamorous than natural hair. While the natural community knows that this is not true, it is still the picture that society has painted. According to the beauty standard, you had to be a part of team #longhairdontcare to be considered pretty or professional. Due to these beliefs, many women are force to straddle the fence and be a part of both worlds.

    Many women in corporate America, everyday women and celebrities are forced to weave and straighten their hair to conform to society’s standard of beauty. They do this because not every situation or setting is ready to embrace women with kinks, curls and coils. While this is sad, this is the truth of many women. Yeah, there are a lot of women who love weave and rock it with pride, but there are also plenty of women who wish that they could ditch the wigs and weaves and rock what is underneath.

    Many of our favorite celebrities are all about that natural life but, many times hidden under wigs, weaves, and protective styles. I learned that years ago, when Queen Latifah shared the fact that her hair was natural and that she maintained the relaxed look by having her hair straightened. While the Queen may have been one of the first celebrities to speak on this, she is not the only one.

    Below you will find some of your favorites rocking their natural hair and looking AMAZING! Sanaa Lathan


    A video posted by Sanaa Lathan (@sanaalathan) on

    Gabrielle Union
    Angela Simmons


    Nikki Minaj



    Taraji P. Henson

    These are just a few of our favorite celebrities that are #teamnatural under those wigs and weave, please know that there are many more. Who are some of your favorite natural celebrities? 

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  • How to slay with SILK2 Crystal Foam Warap

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    Experience the magical versatility of SILK2 Crystal Foam Wrap

         We are proud to say that we invented the Foam Wrap setting concept. The original Foam Potion Wrap Lotion grew to become an entirely new breed of product for styling hair. Crystal Foam is our fourth generation styling foam and the best yet. The crystal clarity speaks to the shine, body and powerful conditioning that result from the use of Crystal Foam. Lucky for you, its on sale today!

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  • Styling Your Natural Hair With Naturally Silk2

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    Hey Natural Beauties!


    I don’t know if I have told you but I have an issue styling my hair. Honestly, I have never been able to master any look other than the afro. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my fro and I rock ruff and stuff with my afro puffs (I may have just revealed my age) but I want more. I would love to do a wash and go, some bantu knots or some type of super funky pin up and lord knows I have tried but I have never successfully slayed them. So many of my natural friends, followers and even my daughter, style their natural hair in different ways and It looks amazing but when I try to recreate it, all I see is blah.

    Before I fell in love with Naturally Silk2 I was a product junkie; if it was for natural hair… I tried it and If someone else suggested…I tried it. However, my results were never the same. I would buy certain products and they would flake or not work for me but they work just fine on my daughter’s hair. This led me to learning and understanding that different products and different ingredient react differently to individual’s hair. I know that with any product, things are trial and error but who knew I would be crazy enough to spend thousands on products that I didn’t need and couldn’t use.

    Over time I begin to learn that while hair type played and part in the way products react to hair, there was more. The reason that my daughter had different results is because she had trained her hair in a manner that was different from mine. For the most part all I do to my hair is rock my fro and wear two cornrows. Daja (my daughter) does more with her hair and because of this, her hair responds better to styling.

    While I am talking about my daughter, I have to tell you that she is in love with Naturally Silk2’s Moisture Lock (Peanut Butter). She was introduced to it by a dedicated Naturally Silk2 stylist, Vern Guidry. Mrs. Vern was my stylist back when I was a creamy crackhead and that is when she introduced me to the Silk2 (Before Naturally Silk2 existed) brand. Once Mrs. Vern demonstrated how we could use Moisture Lock to achieve a more defined, moisture filled styles, Daja was hooked.

    Now I am not as easily convinced as my 13-year-old so I had to see more to really say that this product was all that and A BAG OF CHIPS (telling my age again). However, when I saw natural hair influencer Elizabeth Donielle’s twistout using Naturally Silk2’s Moisture look, I knew I had to try it. The first and only style (twist and curl set) I attempted using Naturally Silk2’s Moisture Lock was such as slay, I haven’t been able to make myself try anything else just yet. However, what I will say and I know that those who have used Moisture Lock will agree, this is a must have product for all natural beauties.

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