• Our Favorite Natural Hair Moments From Afro Punk 2016

    Our Favorite Natural Hair Moments From Afro Punk 2016
    Unless you were under a rock that was under an even bigger rock, you know that last weekend Afro Punk took place in Brooklyn, New York. Individuals came from near and far to experience the festival that has been called one of the greatest cultural experiences of our time. It is a gumbo of sorts where free spirits, forward thinkers, colorful energy and artistic beings are all served as one delightful dish. Unfortunately, the Naturally Silk2 family was unable to attend this year but that didn’t stop us from getting our lives (several times). Like many...
  • How To Maintain Your Afro In 4 Easy Steps

    How To Maintain Your Afro In 4 Easy Steps
    Hey Natural Beauties!   There are some trends that emerge only to fade away as swiftly as they come and then there are some trends that become staples. When you are talking about natural hair, you have to admit that the afro is a definite staple. Since its rise to popularity in the late 50’s, people have been rocking afros in some form. Whether it is the TWA (teeny weeny afro), a frohawk or you are rocking ruff and stuff with your afro puffs… most natural beauties have rocked a fro. Now we can’t have a...
  • Our 9 Favorite Instagram Twistouts

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    Our 9 Favorite Instagram Twistouts
    Hello Natural Beauties!  The natural hair movement is alive and thriving which makes us very excited. This excitement is not just from a business perspective, we love seeing so many of you freeing yourselves from the box and embracing your roots, kinks, curls and coils. We believe that this movement exemplifies a more conscious train of thought among many women. Women are realizing that there is no flaw in showing their roots and that being natural is not a burden to personal style, professionalism or beauty. The truth is you can do everything with natural hair...
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