Naturally SILK2 is a retail brand extension of SILK2 Professional Hair care Systems.  SILK2 has been providing some of the most innovative products for curly textures of hair for over 30 plus years.  SILK2 is sold, manufactured, and distributed by Stonetree LLC. Stonetree LLC is an African American  owned and operated manufacturing company located in Atlanta, GA.

Our core Philosophy centers around the fact that hair textures are different. Particularly, textures amongst people of African descent when you consider the range of coarser textures that exhibit a distinctive curly shape when not straightened by external means.

Furthermore, at SILK2 our product designs are based upon what we believe to be the most progressive solutions towards optimal care of this hair type.

Base product design on safe, scientifically proven formulations that minimize the introduction of porosity.

Hair that reflects light better for more natural shine.

Hair that holds curls longer.

Hair that resists breakage and splitting and encourages growth.

Hair that handles better for easier styling.

Hair that Moves and flows.

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