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Hello Natural Beauties!

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh and Shaina Harrison of Out Of The Corner

I know that we all love our kinks and coils but every now and then we get tired of them. Not tired enough to go back to the creamy crack, just tired enough to try something different for a little while. If you are like me (many of you are), your hair is just as important as your outfit and shoes which means, it has to be on slay too. Because we crave diversity and desire to slay the scene, we are here for switching things up occasionally and rocking a protective style.

Lately, my go to protective styles have been crochets but I know that a lot of my natural sisters live for a good sew-in or braided style. While protective styles are cute and very low maintenance, it is vital that you take the necessary steps to assure that your hair is safe. Don’t lose sight of the name… Protective Style. This means that you are working to protect your hair, from the weather and other things that have proven harmful to it. God forbid you leave your hair unprotected while rocking a protective style and end up damaging it.

In the event that you are unsure how to protect your hair while rocking a proactive style, I have a few tips to share.

  • Be sure to wash and condition your hair prior to getting any protective style. In my opinion it is best to use the Maxi-Soft Ultimate Detangling Kit because not only does it clean your hair properly without stripping your natural oils, it detangles and moisturizes it too.
  • When braiding your hair, be sure to use, Moisture Lock (Peanut Butter). It provides the perfect consistency, hold, shine, and maintains the moisture your hair needs.
  • Make sure you also find a good leave in conditioner that you can use based on the type of protective style you have. This will come in handy during the time your hair is out of sight. My go to is SILK2 Penetrating Leave -in Conditioner.
  • Oils will be your best friend because as we all know; protective style tend to be a little itchy. To make sure that your scalp and hair get the proper moisture, invest in SILK2 Mint To Be Soothijng; it is loaded with exactly what your hair and scalp need to remain healthy.


Now that I have shared a few of my own personal tips, I want to share a little inspiration. Check out some of today’s favorite protective styles via Instagram.


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Now tell us natural beauties, what are your favorite protective styles.


  • Posted On September 21, 2016 by SILK2

    Hey Jo,
    Perfectly Curly is actually a really awesome daily conditioner. I would advise that you use the Longer N’ Stronger Shampoo after Perfect Suds to ensure you condition after the intense cleaning power of Perfect Suds. Thanks for your question!

  • Posted On September 08, 2016 by Jo Coleman

    You use to carry a conditioner you put in and rinse out. It worked really good. I wear a short natural. I like your products. I need a good conditioner.what do you recommend? I use perfectly curly and perfect suds.

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