How To Transition Back To Being Naturally You


As I stated last week, not every woman is here for the big chop. Many women have formed an emotional attachment to their hair and it is hard to part ways with it. It doesn’t matter how damaged it is, some women would rather allow their hair to remain in that state before they rock a low cut.

I live by the fact that I am not my hair but I haven’t always felt like that. For years, I thought that I needed my hair to be complete. Which is why I totally understand that every woman is not going to commit to the big chop. Luckily, you can transition from the creamy crack to natural without the drastic change of the big chop.

Transitioning is the way to go if you don’t want to sacrifice your hair’s length in order to become natural. You can pace yourself and go back to natural hair in a manner in which you are comfortable. Of course the first step is to bid creamy crack farewell. However, there are other steps that you can take to assure that your transition is a smooth one and that your hair remains on point. Here are a few of those steps.

  1. It is important to find the right shampoo, one that will clean your hair and also begin to strip your hair of all the impurities. The shampoo for the job would be “Longer and Stronger” by Naturally Silk2.
  2. Of course you are going to have to keep your hair conditioned and “Perfectly Healthy” will do the trick by using tea tree and other plant based oils to provide a wall of defense against scalp problems, hair odor, and dryness.
  3. Use “Perfect Moisture” to assure that your hair receives the continuous treatment of a water based moisturizer. Note: I know that water and creamy crack is a no no but we are off that… remember.
  4. Nourish your scalp with “Perfect Roots” to assure that it remains healthy at all times.
  5. Be sure to keep your ends trimmed, this is the only way to assure that your natural hair will grow out properly and healthy.


While you are going through the transition, you don’t have to walk around looking unkept. There are many ways to maintain your fly diva status; in the event that you need some reassuring below you will find two ways to style your hair while transitioning.

A silk out is a great way to maintain the relaxed hair look while transitioning. While heat is not great for your hair, it is less harmful than a chemical combined with heat.

Wearing protective styles is a great way to transition while rocking some of the post popular hair styles. It is also a way to test the waters with some natural hair styles you my be interested in rocking with your own hair.




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