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Essence Street style

To kick off New York Fashion Week, nearly 10,000 supporters joined Essence for its third annual Street Style Block Party. The event took place in Brooklyn on Saturday, September 10 and I have to say the queens showed up and showed out.

During the course of the day the event’s official hashtag (#EssenceStyle) was trending on Twitter, with thousands of posts from around the world celebrating real women with great style. Even now, there is still a buzz about all of the great things that took place and all of the beautiful women in attendance. We have shared a few of the photos that we loved but there were so many more.

Because we know that not everyone stalks social media the way we do, we decided to share a few of our favorite moment and of course natural beauties from Essence Street Style Block Party.

A woman who walks with confidence... IS ALWAYS IN STYLE! 

#SQUADGOALS and diversity is key!

A photo posted by TY ALEXANDER (@gorgeousingrey) on

You gotta be more then bold, you must be fierce too.

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These ladies had style on LOC... Literally!
Everything looks good with the right attitude... Especially a fro!

A photo posted by Kofi Okai (@nyamevision) on

Oh and melanin will never go out of style, believe that!

A photo posted by Kofi Okai (@nyamevision) on

Color them bad... Yep, they did that!
Is there ever a Style conversation without vintage being mentioned?
Proof that dopeness will never go out of style!
Style is about the little details.
So what do you think? They were fly right? Make sure you check out more on Instagram using the hashtag #essencestyle.


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