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It is always the goal of the Naturally Silk2 team to assure that you have the tools and the understanding you need when it comes to hair care. We try to share content that will not only educate you as you travel along your natural hair journey but we also strive to provide inspiration by way of other natural beauties. We do this because we know that there is much to be learned from one another.

Today, I would like to introduce you to an amazing style influencer and natural beauty, Tiffany James. Tiffany is the owner of a unique, custom made accessory company called Cute As A Button. Tiffany is a very eclectic person and it translates in every area of her life especially fashion and beauty.

Continue reading to find out more about Tiffany’s natural hair journey and how she feels about using Naturally Silk2 products.


Naturally Cute As A Button

Blogger/ style influencer Tiffany James 7 years ago, I decided to let my relaxed her grow out and transition; after 9 months of letting it grow out, I did a big chop. Since then, I have big chopped several times throughout my natural journey. Recently, I decided to big chop again; this big chop was about my need for freedom and strength to grow into the next chapter of my life.

In staying true to my brand name, I strive to always be “Cute As A Button”. This doesn’t mean that I conform to the standards of society, this means that I create my own standard and am fly according to my terms. I have found that it is easier to translate who I am by staying true to who I am. Not everyone is a fan of my style, not everyone likes my hair and not everyone can relate to my brand; all of that is fine because I have come to understand that it is more important to feed my soul and empower myself to a place where I can empower others than to try and fit in or attempt to please the masses.  

I am a very colorful person and that translates in my style and beauty presentation. However, when it comes to my hair, I have to scale it back a little because of my profession. I am a teacher, which restricts me from really going there with my hair but I do what I can. I am currently rocking a fro and because of It’s color, I call it ruby. I just love how ruby compliments my smooth, melanated complexion and adds a pop of color.

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying a few products from Naturally Silk2 and I have to tell you, Ruby loved them. Because of my hairs length, styling is not a huge concern for me but I have to maintain moisture and I love definition. I found the perfect union by using the Precious Oils to condition my hair and scalp, followed by the Extra Moisturizing Activator and the Arise N Shine Hairspray for styling and to add shine.

Naturally Silk2 products are super moisturizing and it gives my natural hair the right amount of shine. I'm really looking forward to trying the entire Naturally Silk2 product line.

 Blogger/style influencer Tiffany James

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