How To Straighten Natural Hair


Hello Natural Beauties!

Dori Carter Owner Of Geek Me SalonFor years, society has made African American women feel that embracing their kinky textured hair was wrong. Many alluded to the notion that good hair had a more relaxed look and that in order to be pretty or fit the beauty standard, you needed to comply. For years, most African American women did just that, we committed to relaxers, heat damage and other chemicals all in an effort to be beautiful according to society’s standards. Over the years that has changed tremendously and African American women have because more conscious of what it means to truly be beautiful and that it has nothing to do with how we wear our hair.

Although more African American women are embracing our natural hair, many still have the desire to have hair that looks relaxed.  Some natural beauties find it easier to straighten their hair as they transition, some natural beauties are just a fan of the relaxed look but don’t want the creamy crack and others just want to switch things up occasionally. However, despite the reason, it is important that women understand that there are risks.

Whether you are transitioning or natural, caution should be taken when applying heat to your hair. It is important that women understand that applying too much heat too often can cause your hair to break and it can alter your hair’s curl pattern. Now don’t get me wrong, there are ways to straighten your hair safely and many stylists are able to accomplish that for their clients. However, I have to say that you must be mindful and understand that not everyone can safely straighten their own hair.

Here at Naturally Silk2, it is always our goal to provide our customers with quality products. In doing this we are tuned in to the valuable voice of stylist because their education and knowledge of their clients make all the difference. Recently we had the pleasure of meeting stylist Dori Carter of Geek Me Salon and educating her on our products. Like many stylists, Dori decided to try the products on herself prior to using them on her clients and now… SHE IS SOLD!Dori Carter of Geek Me Salon

Below Dori shares with us a few tips on how she straightened her hair using Naturally Silk2 product as well as a few additional things to remember.

  1. Wash and detangle your hair using the Maxi-Soft Ultimate Detangling Kit.
  2. Deep condition your hair with Perfectly Healthy.
  3. Blow dry hair using a cool setting.
  4. Evenly apply Hot Drops Hot Curl and Pressing Potion to your hair.
  5. Straighten hair using ceramic flat irons and style as desired.

Things To Remember:

  1. Minimize Heat Exposure! If you’re transitioning, heat is really the enemy, so if you must use it, try to keep it down to 1-2 times per month if you can. Heat not only makes your delicate, transitioning hair brittle, but you can dry it out and alter your natural hair pattern as well.
  2. Watch The Temperature! Never, ever buy a flat iron that does not have a temperature control. If you want to keep from altering your curl pattern, try not to exceed 350 degrees. In fact, go as low as possible. If you can straighten your hair at 300 or 325 degrees, then that’s even better.
  3. Don’t Go Bone Straight! Aim for a semi-straight look.  No, it won’t last as long but you will protect your hair.
  4. Use Ceramic and Tourmaline-Ceramic Products! Yes, these flat irons are going to cost you a little more, but they will lessen the chance of damage and work better. Look for the labels that say 100% ceramic. The coating on the cheaper flat irons will often wear off, and that’s a surefire way to damage your hair.  

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