• Celebrities Who Are #TeamNatural Despite Wearing Weaves

    Celebrities Who Are #TeamNatural Despite Wearing Weaves
    Hello Natural Beauties, HAPPY FRIDAY! It is no secret that relaxed hair and extensions are thought to be more glamorous than natural hair. While the natural community knows that this is not true, it is still the picture that society has painted. According to the beauty standard, you had to be a part of team #longhairdontcare to be considered pretty or professional. Due to these beliefs, many women are force to straddle the fence and be a part of both worlds. Many women in corporate America, everyday women and celebrities are forced to weave and straighten...
  • How To Straighten Natural Hair

    How To Straighten Natural Hair
    Hello Natural Beauties! For years, society has made African American women feel that embracing their kinky textured hair was wrong. Many alluded to the notion that good hair had a more relaxed look and that in order to be pretty or fit the beauty standard, you needed to comply. For years, most African American women did just that, we committed to relaxers, heat damage and other chemicals all in an effort to be beautiful according to society’s standards. Over the years that has changed tremendously and African American women have because more conscious of what it...
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