Styling Your Natural Hair With Naturally Silk2


Hey Natural Beauties!


I don’t know if I have told you but I have an issue styling my hair. Honestly, I have never been able to master any look other than the afro. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my fro and I rock ruff and stuff with my afro puffs (I may have just revealed my age) but I want more. I would love to do a wash and go, some bantu knots or some type of super funky pin up and lord knows I have tried but I have never successfully slayed them. So many of my natural friends, followers and even my daughter, style their natural hair in different ways and It looks amazing but when I try to recreate it, all I see is blah.

Before I fell in love with Naturally Silk2 I was a product junkie; if it was for natural hair… I tried it and If someone else suggested…I tried it. However, my results were never the same. I would buy certain products and they would flake or not work for me but they work just fine on my daughter’s hair. This led me to learning and understanding that different products and different ingredient react differently to individual’s hair. I know that with any product, things are trial and error but who knew I would be crazy enough to spend thousands on products that I didn’t need and couldn’t use.

Over time I begin to learn that while hair type played and part in the way products react to hair, there was more. The reason that my daughter had different results is because she had trained her hair in a manner that was different from mine. For the most part all I do to my hair is rock my fro and wear two cornrows. Daja (my daughter) does more with her hair and because of this, her hair responds better to styling.

While I am talking about my daughter, I have to tell you that she is in love with Naturally Silk2’s Moisture Lock (Peanut Butter). She was introduced to it by a dedicated Naturally Silk2 stylist, Vern Guidry. Mrs. Vern was my stylist back when I was a creamy crackhead and that is when she introduced me to the Silk2 (Before Naturally Silk2 existed) brand. Once Mrs. Vern demonstrated how we could use Moisture Lock to achieve a more defined, moisture filled styles, Daja was hooked.

Now I am not as easily convinced as my 13-year-old so I had to see more to really say that this product was all that and A BAG OF CHIPS (telling my age again). However, when I saw natural hair influencer Elizabeth Donielle’s twistout using Naturally Silk2’s Moisture look, I knew I had to try it. The first and only style (twist and curl set) I attempted using Naturally Silk2’s Moisture Lock was such as slay, I haven’t been able to make myself try anything else just yet. However, what I will say and I know that those who have used Moisture Lock will agree, this is a must have product for all natural beauties.

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