• Perfecting The Wash And Go

    Perfecting The Wash And Go
    Hey Natural Beauties!     To the naked ear, that is unfamiliar with the natural hair world, the term “wash and go” seems simple. I mean DUH, you wash and you go… right? Nope, there is so much more to the perfecting the wash and go! Many women spend endless hours and plenty of coins trying to find the perfect combination of technique and products that will give them poppin’ curls and decrease shrinkage. Honestly, I have been natural for 4 years and I have yet to perfect the wash and go. I have tried many...
  • Celebrities Who Are #TeamNatural Despite Wearing Weaves

    Celebrities Who Are #TeamNatural Despite Wearing Weaves
    Hello Natural Beauties, HAPPY FRIDAY! It is no secret that relaxed hair and extensions are thought to be more glamorous than natural hair. While the natural community knows that this is not true, it is still the picture that society has painted. According to the beauty standard, you had to be a part of team #longhairdontcare to be considered pretty or professional. Due to these beliefs, many women are force to straddle the fence and be a part of both worlds. Many women in corporate America, everyday women and celebrities are forced to weave and straighten...
  • How to slay with SILK2 Crystal Foam Warap

    How to slay with SILK2 Crystal Foam Warap
    Experience the magical versatility of SILK2 Crystal Foam Wrap      We are proud to say that we invented the Foam Wrap setting concept. The original Foam Potion Wrap Lotion grew to become an entirely new breed of product for styling hair. Crystal Foam is our fourth generation styling foam and the best yet. The crystal clarity speaks to the shine, body and powerful conditioning that result from the use of Crystal Foam. Lucky for you, its on sale today!
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