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  • How Natural Beauties Showed Their #EssenceStyle During Essence Street Style Block Party

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    Essence Street style

    To kick off New York Fashion Week, nearly 10,000 supporters joined Essence for its third annual Street Style Block Party. The event took place in Brooklyn on Saturday, September 10 and I have to say the queens showed up and showed out.

    During the course of the day the event’s official hashtag (#EssenceStyle) was trending on Twitter, with thousands of posts from around the world celebrating real women with great style. Even now, there is still a buzz about all of the great things that took place and all of the beautiful women in attendance. We have shared a few of the photos that we loved but there were so many more.

    Because we know that not everyone stalks social media the way we do, we decided to share a few of our favorite moment and of course natural beauties from Essence Street Style Block Party.

    A woman who walks with confidence... IS ALWAYS IN STYLE! 

    #SQUADGOALS and diversity is key!

    A photo posted by TY ALEXANDER (@gorgeousingrey) on

    You gotta be more then bold, you must be fierce too.

    A photo posted by Ola Yussuf (@ola_yussuf) on

    These ladies had style on LOC... Literally!
    Everything looks good with the right attitude... Especially a fro!

    A photo posted by Kofi Okai (@nyamevision) on

    Oh and melanin will never go out of style, believe that!

    A photo posted by Kofi Okai (@nyamevision) on

    Color them bad... Yep, they did that!
    Is there ever a Style conversation without vintage being mentioned?
    Proof that dopeness will never go out of style!
    Style is about the little details.
    So what do you think? They were fly right? Make sure you check out more on Instagram using the hashtag #essencestyle.

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  • 3rd Annual John Searles II Legacy Day

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    Hello Natural Beauties!

    Here at Silk2, we know that our foundation is what has made us great, which is why we honor that foundation by giving to others. SILK2 Founder John A. Searles II was a man who knew the importance of giving back to his community and he never hesitated to do just that. Because we know the importance of honoring that tradition, we began The John A. Searles II Legacy Day. This is a day to honor our founder and give back in a manner that allows his light to continue to shine.

    Every year, in honor of the memory of John Searles II, the SILK2 Family joins forces with other beauty professionals and community organizations for an event to provide select makeover services to women transitioning back into the workforce. As we prepare for the 3rd annual event, we want to take the time applaud the efforts and support of all of those who have contributed to this event in the past.

    Get Involved

    While all of our beauty professionals have been secured, there are still ways to get involved. We are still accepting gently worn clothing, shoes and accessories for the women whom we will be servicing. If it is your desire to give in this manner, you can do so until Friday September 16th. The drop off location is 4779 Fulton Industrial Blvd. Atlanta, Georgia 30336.

    In addition to clothing, there are still opportunities to assist with meals for these women. If you would like additional information on being a sponsor, volunteer or contributor, please contact Cyra Searles at 404-550-5347 or at  You may also reach out to Lois Searles at 404-550 7835 her email address is .

    This is a great moment for the Searles/ Silk2 family and we are so appreciative of all the support that is shown. We look forward to doing more to service the community and honor the legacy of John Searles II.

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  • Our Favorite Natural Hair Moments From Afro Punk 2016

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    Unless you were under a rock that was under an even bigger rock, you know that last weekend Afro Punk took place in Brooklyn, New York. Individuals came from near and far to experience the festival that has been called one of the greatest cultural experiences of our time. It is a gumbo of sorts where free spirits, forward thinkers, colorful energy and artistic beings are all served as one delightful dish.

    Unfortunately, the Naturally Silk2 family was unable to attend this year but that didn’t stop us from getting our lives (several times). Like many of you, we were tuned in to social media watching live footage and searching the hashtag. Now I know that there is nothing like being present and counted but this was the next best thing and I must admit, I felt the energy.

    I was so amazed at the amount of artistic expression that took place. Aside from the acts that showed up and showed out, the audience was filled with bold expressions via personal style from head to toe. Oh, and since we are talking about heads, I must say that the natural beauties were serving up a little bit of everything and I was so inspired!

    In the event that you missed out, below you will find a few of my favorite natural hair moment from Afro Punk 2016. Take a look and tell me what you think.

    Did someone mention #SQUADGOALS?


    A photo posted by Tyler Kpakpo (@crownfotos) on



    A photo posted by Lady Dione (@ladylovebug) on


    A photo posted by ByUs Media (@byusmedia) on



    A photo posted by @idefinehassan on



    A photo posted by Kiefer Dixon (@kiefer_d) on


    So, what do you think, pretty darn amazing huh? Yeah, I know! I must be in attendance next year. For more Afro Punk inspiration, check the hashtag #AFROPUNK16

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  • How To Maintain Your Afro In 4 Easy Steps

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    Hey Natural Beauties!


    There are some trends that emerge only to fade away as swiftly as they come and then there are some trends that become staples. When you are talking about natural hair, you have to admit that the afro is a definite staple. Since its rise to popularity in the late 50’s, people have been rocking afros in some form. Whether it is the TWA (teeny weeny afro), a frohawk or you are rocking ruff and stuff with your afro puffs… most natural beauties have rocked a fro.

    Now we can’t have a serious conversation about the afro without mentioning one name, Aevin Dugas. Some of you might be wondering, who is Aevin Dugas; the answer is, the beautiful woman who holds the world record for the largest afro.  Aevin has held this record since 2011 after Guinness World Record measured her afro at an amazing 4 ft. 4in.  Now that, is a serious fro!

    I had the opportunity to interview (read here) Aevin a few years ago and she dropped some gems that allowed me to have a better understanding about my own natural hair journey. See the thing is, my natural hair journey was one that I embraced after losing my hair during chemotherapy. I never had the opportunity to educated myself prior to doing a big chop like some natural beauties.

    Once I embraced my natural hair, I became a product junkie because I had no idea what I needed to use. However, after talking with Aevin, I learned that maintaining my afro was simple and didn’t take all of the steps I was taking. This caused me to develop a regimen that I am dedicated to still today and I must say that my fro… IS ON FLEEK!Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh

    Because I know that I am not the only one out here over thinking things, I wanted to share with you 4 steps and products that will have your fro poppin. Now, I am not saying your hair will look like Aevin’s but it will be cute and healthy.

    1. 1. Keep you hair clean. I know that there are many thoughts about how often we should or shouldn't wash our hair as natural beauties. However, know that water is one of your hairs best friends and nothing will penatrate and soften you hair and allow you to work with it like water. So don't be afraid to wash your hair, just make sure you use a product that doesn't strip the oils from your hair. My go to shampoo is, SILK2 "Longer And Stronger" Conditioning, Detangling Shampoo. 
    2. A leave in conditioner is key! Wearing you hair out, especially during the Winter, does a number on your hair. Leave in conditioner restore the moisture and protects your hair. Try SILK2 Penetrating Leave In Conditioner to assure that your hair is protected. 
    3. Oils are your best friend! Personally I lightly oil my scalp in the morning and at night because I know that my scalp has a tendency to get dry and that is a no-no! While I am a huge fan of coconut oil, I treat my scalp with SILK2 "C.O.O.L. A.D.E." Nutritional Supplement For Hair & Scalp. 
    4. Keep your split ends clipped. I know people who are against clipping split ends but the truth is, it saves your hair and helps it to grow. Split ends are the most obvious symptom of damage, and if left unclipped they will continue splitting and destroy the healthiness of your hair.


    Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other things you can do to keep your afro in good standing but in my opinion these are the most vital. However, there will be a post in the near future that will provide additional tips. 

    So tell me, what are some of your tips for assuring that your fro is on fleek? CHIME IN LADIES! 


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  • Our 9 Favorite Instagram Twistouts

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    Hello Natural Beauties! 

    The natural hair movement is alive and thriving which makes us very excited. This excitement is not just from a business perspective, we love seeing so many of you freeing yourselves from the box and embracing your roots, kinks, curls and coils. We believe that this movement exemplifies a more conscious train of thought among many women. Women are realizing that there is no flaw in showing their roots and that being natural is not a burden to personal style, professionalism or beauty. The truth is you can do everything with natural hair that you can do with relaxed hair but you can’t achieve every natural look with relaxed hair.  

    When we think about our consumers, we think of you as friends… You are our girls! You continue to support us and transition with the brand and we are appreciative. Which is why It is our goal to not only provide you with quality products but to also educate you on your hair and give you a little style inspiration.

    Now we know that you are no stranger to being fly but we all can use a little inspiration occasionally and like I stated above we are here for that too. So with that in mind, we decided to share 9 of our favorite Twist-Outs rocked by some natural beauties who prove being naturally you is all good.

     1. We are loving the look these large twist created!

    A photo posted by ❤️ (@iamnovibrown) on


    2. I don't know about you but we are always here for a TWA (teeny Weeny Afro) with a twist...LITERALLY! 



    A photo posted by Toni (@itsnaturally_tonitoo) on

    4. A lil twist and shout anyone?

    5. When your hair is all the style you need...PERIOD!

    6. Being natural is not just black and white... Hey Red

    7. Did someone say natural hair wasn't sexy?

    8. The goal is to transition gracefully...Right?

    9. The rule is, GO BIG OR GO HOME and were not going home!

    A photo posted by Bubs Bee (@_bubsbee) on

    Aren't they all fabulous and proof that being naturally you comes with no restrictions. Now tell us, who are some of your favorite natural beauties? Chime in ladies!

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