• The Fourth Annual John A Searles Legacy Day

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    Every year, in honor and memory of our SILK2 founder John A. Searles II, the company joins forces with stylists, make-up artists, friends and family to give back to the community. Women from shelters, and other transitional facilities are invited to a Makeover Day at SILK2 corporate offices in Atlanta.    Mr. Searles was a passionate business man and an incredible salesman who always believed that giving was the catalyst for everything. This event called the John A. Searles II Legacy Day is designed to reflect on and commemorate his spirit of giving. Here are a few...
  • Styling Your Natural Hair With Naturally Silk2

    Styling Your Natural Hair With Naturally Silk2
    Hey Natural Beauties!   I don’t know if I have told you but I have an issue styling my hair. Honestly, I have never been able to master any look other than the afro. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my fro and I rock ruff and stuff with my afro puffs (I may have just revealed my age) but I want more. I would love to do a wash and go, some bantu knots or some type of super funky pin up and lord knows I have tried but I have never successfully slayed...
  • How To Straighten Natural Hair

    How To Straighten Natural Hair
    Hello Natural Beauties! For years, society has made African American women feel that embracing their kinky textured hair was wrong. Many alluded to the notion that good hair had a more relaxed look and that in order to be pretty or fit the beauty standard, you needed to comply. For years, most African American women did just that, we committed to relaxers, heat damage and other chemicals all in an effort to be beautiful according to society’s standards. Over the years that has changed tremendously and African American women have because more conscious of what it...
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