Committing To The Big Chop And Caring For Your Hair


We all know that there is only one way to instantly transition from creamy crack to naturally you, Big Chop. While the big chop is a bold move, it does guarantee that your hair gets a fresh start. Some women greet the big chop with optimism and then there are those that fear the process like they fear the boogie man.

Personally, I didn’t have the pleasure of deciding how I transitioned because I lost my hair during chemotherapy. It was a huge shock to my system and even as my hair grew back it took me a while to embrace it fully. That was 4 years ago, the natural movement was just getting into high gear so I didn’t have the inspiration that I see now. Honestly, I had no plans of remaining natural, I was just advised by my Oncologist to wait before placing chemicals on my hair and scalp. During my wait, I begin to understand that my beauty and my ability to slay had nothing to do with my hair, it was all about me. So I decided to commit to natural hair.

Now with natural hair being so popular, there is more inspiration and information for women considering the big chop and more women are willing to take that step. However, it is still important that women understand that despite the length of their hair, it still requires care. Below you will find a few helpful tips but it is important to filter through all of the tips and advice and find what works for you and your hair.

  1. Develop a hair regimen
    A regular hair regimen can consist of various processes such as pre-pooing, shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, ACV rinse, hot oil treatments, tea rinse, protein treatments, just to mention a few.
    However, a hair regimen can be simple too. My regimen when I had a TWA was like this:
  • Shampoo once a week.
  • Regular condition twice a week while I was in the shower. 


  1. Moisturize your hair
    Maintaining moisture and softness is vital no matter what length your hair is. I know that like me, you have heard black women don’t or shouldn’t get our hair wet but water is our hair’s best friend. Here are the basics for keeping your hair soft and moisturized.
  • Make sure your moisturizers have water listed as the 1st or 2nd ingredient.
  • Oil is not moisture, It’s a sealant.  So add oils AFTER your water-based moisturizer (Perfect Moisture) to seal it in.
  • How often you moisturize will depend on your hair.  If it feels dry, add more moisture.  Also, remember, your hair will dry out faster during the winter and "Endz Lock" is the perfect solution.

Now I know that some of you may want a little style inspiration, so check out three of our favorite big chop looks and tell us what you think.


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