Natural hair care SILK2 curl bucks

Wouldn't if be great if your favorite hair care brand gave you points to redeem on every purchase you made? 

Well now we do!

  1. Join - Join the Program
  2. Earn -  Earn SILK2 Curl Bucks every time you shop or look for exclusive and fun oppurtunities to earn more curl bucks
  3. Redeem - Redeem for exclusive Discounts

Join the SILK2 Curl Bucks rewards program and earn 2 points for for every dollar spent! Earn $1 after every 100 points. Once you've gained 500 points or $5, redeem it for $ off your entire order. 

Don't worry your points don't expire.

Ready to join? Simply click on the pink gift box icon on the bottom right side of the screen to sign up and earn points today!

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