The SILK2 Curl System

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The SILK2 "Curl System" is a collection of the most innovative formulas seen in the curl industry. With 30 years of unrivaled performance there is no better way...
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Maxi-Soft Ultimate Detangling System

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The Maxi-Soft Ultimate Detangling System is the BEST way to Soften and Detangle Dry, Brittle, and un-manageable hair. Begin with the "Maxi-Soft Shampoo" to deep cleanse and strip the harmful chemicals from...
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Natural Perfection

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The “Natural Perfection System” is a group of products made specifically with the needs of natural hair style wearers in mind. It includes The dry shampoo “Perfectly Clean”,...
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Nourishing Scalp products

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Great growth in hair begins with growth in the root. Taking care of the scalp helps to promote future healthy hair growth. This collection of products aims to help...
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Uncomprimised Shine

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Shine comes from light refracting off of a smooth surface.  SILK2 products are formulated to give light exactly what it needs to make your style stand out without...
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