Our 9 Favorite Instagram Twistouts

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Hello Natural Beauties! 

The natural hair movement is alive and thriving which makes us very excited. This excitement is not just from a business perspective, we love seeing so many of you freeing yourselves from the box and embracing your roots, kinks, curls and coils. We believe that this movement exemplifies a more conscious train of thought among many women. Women are realizing that there is no flaw in showing their roots and that being natural is not a burden to personal style, professionalism or beauty. The truth is you can do everything with natural hair that you can do with relaxed hair but you can’t achieve every natural look with relaxed hair.  

When we think about our consumers, we think of you as friends… You are our girls! You continue to support us and transition with the brand and we are appreciative. Which is why It is our goal to not only provide you with quality products but to also educate you on your hair and give you a little style inspiration.

Now we know that you are no stranger to being fly but we all can use a little inspiration occasionally and like I stated above we are here for that too. So with that in mind, we decided to share 9 of our favorite Twist-Outs rocked by some natural beauties who prove being naturally you is all good.

 1. We are loving the look these large twist created!

A photo posted by ❤️ (@iamnovibrown) on


2. I don't know about you but we are always here for a TWA (teeny Weeny Afro) with a twist...LITERALLY! 



A photo posted by Toni (@itsnaturally_tonitoo) on

4. A lil twist and shout anyone?

5. When your hair is all the style you need...PERIOD!

6. Being natural is not just black and white... Hey Red

7. Did someone say natural hair wasn't sexy?

8. The goal is to transition gracefully...Right?

9. The rule is, GO BIG OR GO HOME and were not going home!

A photo posted by Bubs Bee (@_bubsbee) on

Aren't they all fabulous and proof that being naturally you comes with no restrictions. Now tell us, who are some of your favorite natural beauties? Chime in ladies!

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  • by kim on

    Belle Be is one of my Naturalista beauties. Check her instagram BelleBe314 or her model page model_bellebe

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