Celebrities Who Are #TeamNatural Despite Wearing Weaves


Hello Natural Beauties, HAPPY FRIDAY!

It is no secret that relaxed hair and extensions are thought to be more glamorous than natural hair. While the natural community knows that this is not true, it is still the picture that society has painted. According to the beauty standard, you had to be a part of team #longhairdontcare to be considered pretty or professional. Due to these beliefs, many women are force to straddle the fence and be a part of both worlds.

Many women in corporate America, everyday women and celebrities are forced to weave and straighten their hair to conform to society’s standard of beauty. They do this because not every situation or setting is ready to embrace women with kinks, curls and coils. While this is sad, this is the truth of many women. Yeah, there are a lot of women who love weave and rock it with pride, but there are also plenty of women who wish that they could ditch the wigs and weaves and rock what is underneath.

Many of our favorite celebrities are all about that natural life but, many times hidden under wigs, weaves, and protective styles. I learned that years ago, when Queen Latifah shared the fact that her hair was natural and that she maintained the relaxed look by having her hair straightened. While the Queen may have been one of the first celebrities to speak on this, she is not the only one.

Below you will find some of your favorites rocking their natural hair and looking AMAZING! Sanaa Lathan


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Gabrielle Union
Angela Simmons


Nikki Minaj



Taraji P. Henson

These are just a few of our favorite celebrities that are #teamnatural under those wigs and weave, please know that there are many more. Who are some of your favorite natural celebrities? 

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